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Anarchy Online Tools.


A handy tool for finding certain items as Mission Rewards. For more info or to check for an updated version. Covenant's AO Tools

AO Color

A small utility that kets you change the colour of text. Nice for naming pets. Download

Implant Helper

Well, implantHelper is an implant/symbiant/spirit layout designer for Anarchy Online, it enables you to experiment with implant layouts and see what the benefits and requirements are, it also enables you to manage a cluster shopping list, import iMatrix files, and export in a format suitable for use with AOSkills2. Download

AO:IA (Anarchy Online: Item Assistant)

A nice program that lets you see, search and keep track on Items over many toons and works when you are not in the game too. Download


A nice replacement map for Rubi-Ka. Download

Spheremap V1.0

A nice replacement map for Shadowlands. Download

AO Scripts

Some scripts for AO. Including Train, level, oe, whois. Download

Pet Namer

Another handy tool from Covenant. PetNamer is a program that will help you name your pets (in color if you wish), create macros to control your pets, and help you determine the best pet you can use based on your character's skills.
The program works for Meta-Physicist, Bureaucrat, and Engineer pets. Download